Minding Your Own Business

MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS: COMMUNICATING AND LEADING IN YOUR BUSINESS About the seminar: This workshop is for those who want to catapult their business to the front of the line, and keep it top of mind.   For seasoned professionals, it offers strategies on tweaking and effectively sharing your brand through oral communication.  For new business [...]

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Powerful Powerpoint Presentations

Your big presentation is coming up.  You’ve already laid out and practiced your presentation, and now you’re ready to work in your slides….RIGHT?   An effective layout of your slides and delivery of your PPT is crucial in winning over your audience.  This presentation will help you breathe magic and life into your powerpoint presentations while [...]

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Conquering The Interview

Ever had an interview that didn't go as planned?   Didn't get the job, or didn't reach the intended audience?  A mismanaged interview can lead to the wrong hiring choices, or send the wrong message to your clients and colleagues.  This workshop will guide you through a number of interview situations, show you how to make [...]

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Strengthening The Core Competency of Communication

C-C-C! Strengthening The Core Competency of Communication Ever given a presentation that did not go as planned?  Lost a job, or did not get an expected promotion because you just did not measure up to your collegues?   Are you scared to death of speaking in front of an audience?    Would you like to become an [...]

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Carl Richards was born and grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  In his formative years up until about age 12, Carl struggled with a serious speech impediment.  Two years of speech therapy and a childhood dream of being on the radio helped him grow out of his stuttering problem.  After high school, Carl entered Mohawk [...]

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